qìsane / chee-zahn

blending qi and tisane...

life’s balance in an herbal infusion

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a moment to find your balance

For over 2,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has celebrated balance as the key to a happy, healthy life. Therapies focus on equalizing the contrary forces of yin and yang and restoring the natural flow of qi. Immunity is enhanced, emotions are harmonized and vitality is unleashed.

Lauren Tan, Editor The Peak


“You could sip on these tisanes the whole day and hardly guess the blends are rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine – that’s how surprisingly delicious and contemporary they are.”

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Renée Batchelor Digital Editor / ELLE Singapore


“I really enjoy qisane’s blends because they are so delicious, flavourful and invigorating... My personal favourite is the chrysanthemum & goji blend because it is so palatable and easy to drink, and it has a great “cooling” effect.”

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Anthony C.


“I love the sweet tastes and aromas of qìsane’s blends. They take me back to the Far East where I used to work and learned to appreciate the medicinal qualities of herbs. It’s refreshing, natural, and easy to use. Just what I’ve been looking for stateside for years.”

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Michelle Comrie


"I adore them so much I have started wrapping them myself and gifting them to clients and business partners – sharing is caring, and we all deserve the health benefits the recipes of the ancients blessed us with."

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Kelvin Marc Tan


“Love it! It’s delicious and it’s good for me. For someone who loves his food yet is conscious about his health, this is perfect!”

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and so qìsane was born…

With a thriving career and a beautiful family, qìsane founder Rebecca cherished her life. She ate well and exercised so she could be at her best. And yet, she often felt drained, even overwhelmed, as if somehow out of balance. Determined to overcome this feeling, Rebecca looked to her roots for revitalizing support.

She craved the traditional qi-boosting brews her mother had prepared at home. But without hours to spend in the kitchen, Rebecca had to reinterpret the wellness lessons of the past for the realities of today. Drawing on her study of traditional herbs and her Cordon Bleu qualification, she carefully combined wholesome ingredients to create nurturing tisanes that are powerful, flavorful, and easy to use.

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restorative, calming & balancing

ingredients for wellness

Herbal infusions made using whole edible dried flowers, fruits, spices, roots or herbs, not tea leaves.

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what's the difference? tisane vs. tea

whole ingredients

A tisane is an herbal infusion made using edible dried flowers, fruits, spices, roots or herbs. No tea leaves. We use whole ingredients that are not crushed so they retain the flavor and benefits.

caffeine & additive free

There's no caffeine, nothing processed, and no additives in our tisanes. Enjoy them any time of day without risk of a bad night's sleep and other concerns.

2 - 3 steeps

Unlike regular tea bags, you can steep our oversized sachets 2 - 3 times so you can enjoy its full flavor and benefits throughout the day.

happier, healthier, more grounded communities

everything is better when shared

Our mission is to share the balancing power of traditional herbs through enjoyable and easy-to-use tisanes.

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