cordyceps & rose tisane

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energizing qi booster

Lightly floral and reassuringly earthy - the perfect preparation for a productive day.

A light yet deeply nurturing tisane with cordyceps, rose, codonopsis and astragalus to replenish qi.

This powerful blend combines mushrooms, flowers and herbs to enliven the spirit and bring balance to the body.

Oversized sachets filled with whole ingredients for more flavor, more goodness, more steeps.

pink roses • cordyceps flowers • jujube dates • organic astragalus root • codonopsis root

caffeine & additive free • plant-based • adaptogens


    Lightly floral and reassuringly earthy - the perfect preparation for a productive day.

    Steep in 96º- 98ºC for 6 - 7 minutes. Each sachet can be steeped 2 - 3 times so enjoy it throughout the day.

    • 1 cylinder with 10 oversized sachets of top quality, wholesome ingredients.
    • Our sachets are 2x the size of an average bag, and good for three flavorful steeps.
    • Our food grade sachets are made from renewable resources and biodegradable.

    pink roses • cordyceps flowers • jujube dates • organic astragalus root • codonopsis root

    caffeine & additive free • plant-based • adaptogens

    Content net weight:
    2.15oz / 61g

    Store in a cool, dry place

    no tea leaves

    only whole ingredients

    Our oversized sachets are filled with whole ingredients that are not crushed, like pink roses, cordyceps flowers, and jujube dates for more flavor, more benefits and more steeps.

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    be your best you

    Cordyceps & Rose tisane is an essential addition to your wellness routine. TCM ingredient astragulus protects against mental and physical stress, rose regulates your qi and unblocks stagnant energy, dispels melancholy and boosts energy.


    for body & spirit

    Experience life's balance in an herbal infusion. Our floral scented and lightly sweet tisane is a salve for both body and spirit. It helps harmonize your emotions, promoting a happy and healthy life.


    all around great health

    Our tisanes are packed with wholesome ingredients that nurture your body's systems and unleash vitality. Inspired by centuries old Asian wellness, enjoy overall health every time with our tisanes.

    our tisanes are...

    Caffeine Free

    Our tisanes are completely caffeine free, which means you can enjoy them any time of day without risk of the jitters or a bad night’s sleep.

    Additive Free

    Our tisanes are crafted with a commitment to natural goodness. Free of all additives, there’s nothing but goodness in a qìsane bag.

    Whole Ingredients

    All our herbs, roots and flowers are whole so you can see what you’re drinking. We believe nature’s gifts are best enjoyed as they are.

    happier, healthier, more grounded communities

    everything is better when shared

    Our mission is to share the balancing power of traditional herbs through enjoyable and easy-to-use tisanes.

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    With over 2,000 years of history, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a rich and comprehensive wellbeing system that encompasses nutrition, physical therapies and herbal remedies.

    TCM celebrates balance as the key to a happy, healthy life. Therapies focus on equalizing the contrary forces of yin and yang and restoring the natural flow of qi. By bringing the body into balance, immunity is enhanced, emotions are harmonized and vitality is unleashed.

    Adopted from French, a ‘tisane’ is a herbal infusion made using edible dried flowers, fruits, spices, roots or herbs.

    Unlike tea, tisanes contain no caffeine and no tea leaves are used.

    The French word is pronounced as tee-zahn or ti-zahn.

    Our oversized sachets hold between 0.19oz and 0.25oz (5.5 and 7 grams) of whole, nourishing ingredients. That’s almost three times more than the average teabag.

    Yes. Our tisanes are fine taken with other herbs. Herbal teas are a wonderful way to boost your nutrition and stay hydrated, so we encourage you to enjoy them. However, do beware if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication as certain herbal teas are not recommended. Always consult your physician if in doubt.

    Absolutely. Cold brews are a refreshing way to enjoy your tisane, complete with all the benefits. To make a cold brew, simply place your qìsane sachet in a jug or bottle of room temperature water and leave it for around 6 hours, in the fridge or out.

    Our official recommendation is twice but many of our team members steep their bags up to four times to draw out every last drop of goodness.

    Any time - although we do have our preferences! We love a cup of cordyceps & rose tisane first thing in the morning for a boost of energy. Our chrysanthemum & goji tisane is wonderful before bed, or during a particularly busy or stressful day. And many swear by the soothing comfort of our hawthorn & osmanthus tisane after a good meal.But really, any time you feel in need of some tender loving care is a good time for a tisane.

    Store your tisanes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

    The shelf life of sealed and unopened tisanes is 18 months. Once opened, use your tisanes within 12 months.

    Although many report feeling physical benefits almost immediately, our tisanes are not designed to be a quick fix. They are designed to provide deep, nurturing support with benefits that build over time. The mental and emotional benefits of taking a moment to relax and rebalance, however, are certainly felt right away.

    No. If you’re feeling particularly out of balance and in need of nourishment, we encourage you to sip your favorite tisane throughout the day. The positive effects on your wellbeing are cumulative and will only continue to grow.

    All our tisanes are made from whole natural ingredients and are caffeine free. However, we’re unable to advise if they’re suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and recommend that you check with your physician before taking them.

    Our tisanes are nutritious and caffeine-free. Nonetheless, we recommend you check with your child’s pediatrician before sharing your tisanes.

    Our tisanes have no known contraindications. However, if taking medication, it’s always safest to discuss any dietary changes with your physician first.

    For US orders, please allow up to 5 business days for your tisanes to reach you. International delivery times vary from country to country, but your package should reach you within 10 business days.

    Please see our shipping section for details.

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    A Potent Medicinal Tea Blend of Cordyceps Tea & Rose Tea

    Experience the unique vitality of qìsane's Cordyceps & Rose Tea, a premium selection among medicinal tea blends, specially crafted for those seeking the benefits of Cordyceps Tea. The blend of cordyceps tea with the elegance of rose in qìsane's Cordyceps & Rose Tea exemplifies the fusion of traditional medicinal tea blends with contemporary wellness needs. Cordyceps, renowned for its adaptogenic qualities, works to elevate the body's natural energy levels and support immune health, making each cup a step towards vitality. The addition of rose not only adds a fragrant layer to this medicinal tea but also introduces an element of serenity, enhancing the overall tea-drinking experience. Ideal for enhancing vitality and promoting overall well-being, qìsane's Cordyceps & Rose Tea offers a harmonious balance of nature's most potent botanicals. This Cordyceps Tea blend is a testament to qìsane's commitment to wellness, offering a sophisticated, health-supportive beverage option for those seeking to enrich their lifestyle with nature's finest offerings.