a few words from the qìsane tribe

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“You could sip on these tisanes the whole day and hardly guess the blends are rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine – that’s how surprisingly delicious and contemporary they are.”

Lauren Tan, Editor
The Peak

“I really enjoy qisane’s blends because they are so delicious, flavourful and invigorating. Each sachet is so generously packed and high-quality that you can easily get a few brews from just one sachet. My personal favourite is the chrysanthemum & goji blend because it is so palatable and easy to drink, and it has a great “cooling” effect.”

Renée Batchelor
Digital Editor / ELLE Singapore

ELLE Editor Favorite

“Love it! It’s delicious and it’s good for me. For someone who loves his food yet is conscious about his health, this is perfect! Thanks Rebecca.”

Kelvin Marc Tan

“I love the sweet tastes and aromas of qìsane’s blends. They take me back to the Far East where I used to work and learned to appreciate the medicinal qualities of herbs. It’s refreshing, natural, and easy to use. Just what I’ve been looking for stateside for years.”

Anthony C

"nourished & energized"

“My favourite has to be the cordyceps and rose. It has a warm, sweet earthiness that rounds off with a creamy note … I feel nourished and energized throughout the day. One cup is never enough.”


Nicole Chiang

“Between taking care of an energetic 5 year old, working as a professional compere and handling the typical frenetic Hong Kong existence, my daily lifestyle is incredibly busy and draining. The tisane blend which helped me most is the qi booster. Not only did it afford me a moment of much needed serenity during the day to greatly enhance mental calm and clarity, it also gave me a significant boost to my energy levels as well.”

Robyn Lamsam

“The hawthorn & osmanthus is truly refreshing and perfect as a post-lunch cup of tea. I love that it has detoxification properties while aiding with digestion”.

Charmaine Ho, Executive Editor
Harpers Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar Editor Pick

“The moment I took a sip of qìsane’s Cordyceps & Rose tisane, I was transported back to my childhood. My mom used to brew herbal concoctions (some double-boiled for hours) and make me take them, particularly before my exams! Not all were pleasant, but I assumed mom knew best. I appreciate qìsane’s TCM-based tisanes which are conveniently packed in individual bags. No need to sweat over a fire, but I still get similar nurturing benefits from the herbal blend. It tastes much more pleasant too. I also like that it’s caffeine free (because I am sensitive to it) so I get an energy boost throughout the day”. 

Nida Seah, Editor

“Branding and packaging looks premium, concept and story behind the brand is
beautiful. All three flavours taste great”.

Grace Lee, Editor-In-Chief
Prestige, PIN

“I love having such an easy but powerful way to take care of myself. And they taste great too, which means I’m happy to keep drinking all day long.”

Freya Giles

“The hawthorn & osmanthus is a palette pleasing revelation. Very different from other herbal teas which I find one dimensional, and often bland, when it comes to flavour. It is something I can see myself drinking throughout the day; not just for the taste but because I find it soothing.”


“In this mad, mad world, taking a moment to reflect and refresh with a cup of one of your magically subtle, nuanced tisanes is a pleasure I’m not going to feel guilty about! I adore them so much I have started wrapping them myself and gifting them to clients and business partners – sharing is caring, and we all deserve the health benefits the recipes of the ancients blessed us with. Adore your brand, products and packaging! Thank you Rebecca!”

Michelle Comrie

“We love the Qisane range, each blend offering a unique, fresh flavour to suit the occasion. Our favourite – and it is difficult to choose! – is hawthorn & osmanthus; this blend is especially nice to drink at the end of the day and a perfect accompaniment to relaxation and a quiet and tranquil mood.“

Jonathan & Ida Hammond

“My favorite qisane blend is the hawthorn & osmanthus. I found it soothing and good for digestion. I also loved the taste, with a hint of sweetness and a touch of floral.”

Sarah Flowers

“The hawthorn & osmanthus is very nice, very fruity and very tasty.  It certainly helped in soothing my upset stomach. Thank you.”

Cyrille & Valerie Gosse

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