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hawthorn & osmanthus

"Feeling bloated today."

osmanthus & hawthorn tea benefits - hawthorn berry tea

Experience a gentle, yet powerful journey towards holistic wellness with our Hawthorn & Osmanthus blend - a tisane meticulously crafted to offer relief from discomfort while nurturing optimal digestion, a cornerstone of overall well-being. Discover the essence of balance, feeling light, nourished, and completely at ease.

  • Lemongrass – A versatile herb celebrated for its ability to warm the body and counter excess yin - a vital balance for holistic health. Lemongrass is a nurturing force for the stomach, gallbladder, and lungs, offering a comforting embrace that supports your body’s natural functions.
  • Ginger – Further enhances the blend, as it dispels cold from the body and invigorates digestion. Its soothing effect extends to the respiratory tract, providing a sense of relief and well-being. Ginger’s multifaceted benefits make it an indispensable ingredient in promoting overall wellness.
  • Hawthorn – a highly nutritious and mildly acidic berry, takes center stage in our blend, boasting remarkable properties that stimulate digestion. Its gentle yet effective nature makes it an ally for those seeking natural solutions to support digestive health. Hawthorn’s inclusion underscores our commitment to crafting a blend that caters to your body’s intricate needs.
  • Osmanthus – A delicate yet potent addition to our blend, plays a pivotal role in stimulating the liver and kidneys—essential organs for detoxification. By encouraging this natural detox process, Osmanthus aids in clearing the skin and promoting a radiant complexion from within. Its presence in our blend is a testament to our dedication to holistic well-being.

Our blend is thoughtfully curated to be caffeine-free, free from additives, and entirely plant-based. Each sip of our Hawthorn & Osmanthus blend is an invitation to embark on a harmonious journey - a union of flavors and botanical treasures carefully curated to nurture your well-being. It’s a gentle yet powerful elixir that seeks to restore balance, lightness, and a sense of nourishment to your being. Let it be a soothing balm, easing discomfort while fostering a sense of ease and equilibrium.

Get on this journey towards optimal digestion and holistic wellness, guided by the nurturing essence of our blend - designed to soothe, nourish, and restore your body and spirit to a state of harmonious well-being.