restorative qìsane

restorative qìsane


Self-care and wellness movements are turning again to traditional wisdom to boost, nourish and delight.Just as Camellia sinensis is central to food cultures around the world, herbal infusions have always been an integral part of daily life. Particularly in South China, Hong Kong and Singapore, leung cha (herbal tea) naturally complements Western science for its emphasis on balancing yin and yang and restoring the flow of qi (energy).


Inspired by the health-giving tonics of her childhood, Singapore born, longtime Hong Kong resident Rebecca Hong has launched qìsane. An herbal infusion brand stocked by gourmet grocers in the US including Monsieur Marcel and Neighborhood Goods – qìsane offers an easy and delicious introduction to the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


“Some kind of wellness brew was always bubbling away in our home kitchen. I wasn’t even exposed to Western medicine until I was in my 20s. My mother used traditional remedies instead if any of us were ill. So, I know first-hand just how effective they are when it comes to supporting my natural immunity,” says Hong, a corporate counsel by profession.


Working with a noted TCM doctor, and drawing on her study of traditional herbs and her Cordon Bleu qualification, Hong’s tisanes celebrate the health-giving properties of herbs, roots and flowers. However, unlike traditional preparations that can be challenging on the palate or take hours to brew, qìsane’s infusions need no more than a good steep and are aromatic and refreshing.


qìsane signature blends


Chrysanthemum & Goji

Chrysanthemum flowers, goji berries, longans and jujube counteract the effects of excess heatiness, which include fevers, sore throats and irritability


Hawthorn & Osmanthus

A blend of hawthorn, osmanthus, ginger and lemongrass to aid digestion and support detoxification.


Cordyceps & Rose

A potent blend of cordyceps flowers, rose, codonopsis and astragalus to replenish and restore qi.

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