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qìsane media tasting
• 7 Apr 22 •

qìsane founder Rebecca Hong shared a warm and friendly afternoon with Singapore editors and writers, to share about her Asian wellness tisane brand that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recipes borrowed from her ancestors, reinterpreted for today.

Our guests savoured qìsane’s energizing, restorative herbal infusions concocted with premium whole Chinese herbs for maximum flavor and benefits.

A toast was made amidst a live performance by a young and talented harpist Christobelle Sheum as our media guests learn more about qisane and its founder.

Tiffany tea sets and plates with pretty napkins in place, beautiful blooms and jars of qìsane ingredients beckoned all to discover.

creating tcm-based tisanes

Rebecca, who has returned to Singapore after 23 years abroad, shared how qìsane came about, and her heart’s desire to spread “goodness” in every sense with the world, including qìsane.

One guest said she imagined that if she added a little salt to the cordyceps & rose infusion, she could be drinking a qi boosting double boiled chicken soup. And she couldn’t resist topping up her cup thereafter.

all-natural energy drinks

In fact, many echoed the same sentiment and thought this qìsane blend is rather addictive. All felt “revived” at 4.30pm, topping cup after cup of cordyceps & rose.

Paired with a selection of luxe canapes especially selected to complement, the third blend was introduced, the ‘cooling, harmonizing qi balance’ was also well received as all were too familiar with chrysanthemum & goji.  

It was a wonderful afternoon with laughter and more qìsane goodness, as friendships bloomed and everyone feeling perfectly at home.

Echoing the ethos of qisane where everything is better when shared, we were delighted to have shared Rebecca and qìsane’s journey with our media friends from Harper’s Bazaar, ICON, Elle, LHZBFukan, PIN, Epicure and Portfolio.

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